Design Management


design integrity

Design Management is a key role pivotal to the success of a retail or mixed-use development. Design Management ensures the vision and overall concept of any project is maintained and the design integrity of each project is upheld through planning and construction.

Every project whether it is retail, food and beverage, commercial, or mixed use is an opportunity to create a unique experience for the local community. A project that proceeds smoothly and with an on-time launch provides a better experience for customers, tenants and business owners.


As experienced RDM/DM practitioners, we understand the complexity of retail and mixed-use projects. We are adept at communicating with all stakeholders, integrating their needs and concerns to ensure the standard, and final project meets all expectations. We are experienced at fostering cooperative and productive relationships between Developers/Landlords, Leasing, Architects, Builders, Tenancy Coordinators, Centre Management, Consultants, Retailers, the Retailer’s Designer and Shopfitters.

IDG designs and produces professional, user-friendly fit-out guidelines for retail centres.

IDG scope of works also includes general mall design, respite seating and amenities design.

Design Management ensures the vision, and the design integrity of your project is maintained.

5 Martin Place, Sydney
Dexus Cbus Property

5 Martin Place is a heritage building and the former site of the CBA. The transformation of this iconic building into premium retail needed close collaboration by all parties.

IDG worked closely with Artizan Property Group and Heritage Architects Tanner Kibble and Denton to ensure the success of the retail while adhering to all heritage and council requirements.

Tenants included Rueben Hills, Rimowa, Barber Shop, COS, Suit Supply, Kit and Ace, Farage and Roll’d.

Indigo Design also provided The Fit Out Guidelines for 5 Martin Place.


Greenway Village
Kaipara Property Group


Greenway Village is a new shopping centre in Western Sydney, anchored by Woolworths and 10 specialty stores.

Kaipara Property Group engaged IDG as the Retail Design Managers and to write and produce the Fit Out guidelines for this new local shopping centre. This successful collaboration between IDG, Kaipara ensured that Design and Fit Out standards were achieved.


North Kellyille / Parkridge QLD – RG Property

north kellyville

Indigo Design has worked with RG Property on North Kellyville, a new build in Western Sydney, and Parkridge QLD, which has undertaken an extensive addition to the existing centre.

North Kellyville is a new local centre in Western Sydney anchored by Woolworths and 17 specialty stores with a strong focus on food including cafes, restaurants and a bakery.

Parkridge was an established but old centre located in the southern suburbs of Brisabne, anchored by Woolworths and 10 existing tenancies. RG worked with local leasing agencies on a retail re mix of existing and the new works included a Coles and 23 new specialty shops.

Our core role on North Kellyville and Parkridge was that of Retail Design Managers ensuring that the standard of design required by the lessor was implemented across the centres to maintain their overall design integrity. IDG produced the Fit Out guidelines for both projects.

Indigo also provided respite seating design, design direction on graphics and signage for RG on both Parkridge and North Kellyville projects.


Lidcombe Shopping Centre
Vicinity Centres


Lidcombe Shopping Centre is a sub-regional shopping centre in the suburb of Lidcombe in Sydney’s west. The centre was a bulky goods centre and in 2014 underwent a $120 million re development.

Lidcombe Shopping Centre has been transformed from a bulky goods centre to a strong sub regional. Woolworths, Aldi and K Mart anchor the centre with 69 speciality stores.

Indigo Design has worked on this project through out the re development ensuring high quality individual Fit Outs.

Indigo Design has also consulted as a RDM on the following Vicinity Centres:

  • Carlingford Court – Sydney
  • Warriewood – Sydney
  • Nepean – Sydney
  • Lennox – regional NSW
  • Myer Centre (<location>)
  • Runaway Bay – Queensland
  • Paradise Centre – Queensland


Marina Mirage
Gold Coast Qld

marina mirage

This project was a particularly complex redevelopment of an existing upmarket retail centre on the Gold Coast. Many of the existing retailers had been in the centre for over 20 years.

The existing retailers had a strong sense of ownership and connection to the centre. In addition to this, the construction was carried out whilst the centre was open for trade.

IDG were engaged to ensure the high standard of design required by the lessor was implemented across the centre to maintain its overall design integrity. We successfully gained the trust of the tenants by ensuring that they were kept informed of the progress of the works and had an investment in their completion. We adopted a very hands-on approach with the onsite contractors to expedite many of the site issues that arose between the lessor and builder.

The overall result is a well-integrated centre that reflects its strong design philosophy in all elements and finishes. The new scheme created a link from the shopping centre to the waterfront, connecting the outdoor dining precinct with the internal fashion precinct.


IDG Retail Design Management Roles have also included:

  • Coorpooroo Marketplace Brisbane – Woolworths
  • Berala Marketplace Sydney – Woolworths
  • Lake Munmorah Marketplace Newcastle – Woolworths
  • Jordan Springs Marketplace Sydney – Woolworths
  • Greystanes Marketplace Sydney – Woolworths
  • Lilydale Market Place Melbourne – Woolworths
  • Dexus Property Centres Australia wide
  • Merrylands Stocklands